Monday, January 27, 2014

Are You Heading out the Door in your Own Strength? Meet with the LORD First Thing

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For you shall not go out with haste. Isaiah 52:12a (AKJV)

Do you sometimes catch yourself grabbing a piece of toast, or a muffin, and your coffee on the way out the door in the morning in too big of a hurry for your quiet time with the Lord?

I’ve done that a few times lately, and then realized, I didn’t take those first few minutes of my day to seek His face and all the blessings that go with that.  (Even ten or fifteen minutes can be a refreshing devotional time.)

Jesus is not like a piece of toast you can grab on your way out the door. Yes, I know He is always with us, but we need to seek His mind regarding the day first thing in the morning.

No matter how long I have practiced it—because I have learned what works best for me—I still by-pass that quiet time sometimes.  Inevitably I regret it.  So, here’s some reminders for myself. I hope they’ll help you as well.

><> First thing in the morning, go to the Lord.

Meditate in the quiet stillness of the day. Pray.

Seek His counsel and guidance through prayer and Scripture reading.

When we run out the door and pray on the fly, we begin the day in our own strength.

When we hit the ground running then ask God to bless us, we’re started with things upside down. 

><> First thing in the morning, meet with God.

Seek His counsel and guidance through prayer and Scripture reading.

Receive His mercy and His grace and His blessings.

When I find I’m experiencing too many frustrations, feel unprepared or lack spiritual purpose, I usually then realize I was too hasty to grab the coffee and the muffin and run.  I failed to give God a chance to work in my soul and prepare me to face the day.

><> First thing in the morning, meet with Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Receive their blessings and a kiss of grace to “Go in Peace” and “Redeem the time for His glory.”

Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation.

My voice shall you hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer to you. Psalm 5: 1, 3 (AKJV)
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