Monday, May 13, 2013

Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle...or not ~ plus announcing the winner of the monthly book give-away

Liberty Leading the People, Eugene Delacroix ~ like the puzzle I bought in the Louvre. Google image.

I’ve always loved putting together jigsaw puzzles, not only as a child, but as an adult.  My mother and I still buy them for each other.  Once I even bought a puzzle of a Delacroix painting in the gift shop of the Louvre in Paris.  I examine the picture, shake the new box, then I'm ready to master its 1,000 easy pieces.  The designs and variegated hues and shadows intrigue me.  As the pieces are fitted together, satisfying glimpses of the big picture come into view. 

I am creator.

I have total control.

Sometimes an elusive bit will send me searching high and low, examining every piece until I find the elusive one.  I savor the moment when I have put the final one into place to complete the picture perfect. 

Life simplified into 1,000 pieces in a box.  Thus, the perennial charm of puzzles.  A real sense of satisfaction for a low price.

Hello!  Life isn’t 1,000 easy pieces. We may want the big picture completed neatly now so we can see the results of all God plans to do in and through our lives. But, in reality, we need an eternal view.  We can't know the final plans.  God’s purposes are for eternity.  We will see and understands parts of His plan for our lives, but some things we can't know and understand this side of heaven.  It's enough to know I can trust Him to design each scene along the way.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6

I believe that the God who knows the number of hairs on my head can be trusted with all the bits and pieces and mysteries in my life.  I know I can trust Him.  If I cooperate with Him and play my part, God who is the Master, will put it all together perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear ye not therefore.  Matthew 10:30, 31a
The girls doing French braids.
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Congratulations to Rebecca Waters, who has won a copy of Cynthia Ruchti's new novel, When the Morning Glory Blooms.  Thanks to all of you who visited and commented when Cynthia was our guest.  We enjoyed it very much.


  1. Beautiful Rose. Really like the picture of the girls doing braids.

  2. Thank you Rose. I appreciate your encouraging words.

  3. Love your puzzle analogy. It is so true that God sees the whole picture, and we need to trust Him as we work with the pieces. Great post!

  4. Thank you Lou Ann. You know what I mean? Do you like puzzles too? I thought of this when my friend and I were talking at Christmas about gifts for children. She was saying that in the "good old days" that was a perfect choice. :-) Since I've always liked them so much, I tried to figure out the fascination.

  5. Yup. He helps us put our pieces in His hands, so He can make something of our lives. But we still have to cooperate with Him, huh?

  6. Yes, we do have to cooperate with Him. He IS the one who makes something of our lives. Thanks Jeanette.

  7. I do enjoy puzzles, but not with 5,000 pieces. I like the ones with 1,000. I guess I'm too impatient for the big ones--and, it seems they usually have huge swaths of the same color--which bores me to death. (Or maybe I should say "frustrates" me to death!) I like puzzles with variety, texture, color, and a fun outcome when they're all done. :o) (I wonder if there are "puzzle psychiatrists" anywhere?)