Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Momentary Light Afflictions

The beautiful pictures today are courtesy of Eileen DeCamp
taken near her Virginia home.  She is most talented and generous to share.

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.  2 Corinthians 4:17 (NKJV)

            “Kiss it and make it better, Mommy!”  I often heard those words when my six children were growing up.  Many scrapes and injuries would cause them to run to me.  My kiss was a promise that the pain would soon pass.  As an added consolation, I applied a kiddy themed Band-Aid.  Those minor sufferings are part and parcel to life.  As adults, it’s not so easy to see it that way.  Indeed, the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.

            So here I find myself suffering with an extreme case of shingles.  After ignoring symptoms for days, I ran to Jesus when I realized what was upon me.  “Heal me, Lord, I trust in You,” I prayed.  Having delayed going to the doctor, my condition worsened . . .  in more ways than one.  My focus was being drawn more and more into my burning pain that was spreading over my trunk and limbs.  The pain was becoming all consuming.  I couldn’t concentrate due to it.  I couldn’t sleep. 

            Now, it had occurred to me when I first prayed for myself to pray for those who were suffering in their bodies with chronic pain and sickness.  I included that in my prayer, but the focus was still me.  It took about four days for me to really turn my prayers and thoughts to others and to the heart of my compassionate Lord Jesus to ask if He might want to teach me something through this. 

How His heart must ache for His children.  He is our Advocate.  He has sent us the Comforter, God the Holy Spirit, to be with us.  He wants us to be an advocate for othersintercede for them.  He wants us to be a comforter—share the burden in prayers and kind deeds.

            I am ashamed of myself for being so slow to catch on.  I even hesitated to ask for prayers.  But when I did, what kindness and generosity poured forth from my friends and fellow brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.  I could feel the Holy Spirit ministering to me.  I could feel God’s mercy.  And I am encouraged even more to pour out my heart for others who need His compassion and mercy.

            We have the story of our compassionate Lord in the gospels—His actions revealed His heart.  Christ’s resurrection is His promise to us that our present suffering will be turned into glory.  Our faith in Him is the remedy against despair.  The body of Christ in lifting up each other in prayer, brings glory to the cause of Christ.  

And so, like the scraps and pains we had as children, all this suffering too is but momentary light afflictions compared to the suffering of our Lord—momentary light afflictions compared to the glory of eternal life and joy without end in His presence

I pray that we will be encouraged and find patience in our present suffering knowing that in that perfect day we will spend eternity with HIM.

My thoughts and prayers for you who have prayed and encouraged me during this time.  I am very thankful and grateful for you.  May God bless you with His mercy and grace and multiply back to you all your kindness.  Thank you for visiting Write Moments with God.
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  1. What a beautiful post that really ministered to me as I, too, am dealing with pain. I also realized how very self centered I've been through it and I will now be praying for others more, especially you. I pray you will feel better soon!

    Many blessings - Julie

  2. Julie, thank you so much. I'm glad you visited and took time to share your thoughts. I pray God covers you with His peace and gives you blessed relief from your pain.