Monday, May 19, 2014


Sunrise on Seabrook Island ~ courtesy of Eileen DeCamp

… for I know whom I have believed… 2 Timothy 1:12b

During my 20 years as a teacher in the classroom, I figured out that I had no problems with my students who “believed” me.  Even the few who might not have liked me so much, if they believed me, we got along well.  When they believed me and respected me, we were guaranteed a great year.  There was just something about that instilled confidence that Mrs. Johnson meant what she said that lent itself to a peaceful assurance and rapport conducive to learning.

Do you BELIEVE God? I don’t mean believe in your beliefs about God. I mean really BELIEVE God.  Doesn’t that belief change everything?  
I know that He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)
I know He loved me enough to provide a way for me through Jesus. (John 3:16)
The foundation of my faith is the person of Jesus Christ. I am absolutely confident that He is the Son of God, made flesh, who dwelt among us. My hope is in Him.

When I read Chapter 11 of Hebrews, the roll call of heroes of faith, I read about people who truly “believed” God.  They staked their very lives upon their faith in Him. These men and women (of whom the world was not worthy, v. 38a ) had absolute confidence in God and His promises.  You might like to read it (click on the highlighted words above)—it will give you encouragement to remain strong in your walk of faith.

Blessed are they who have not seen yet have believed.  John 20:29

…for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. 2 Timothy 1:12b
The Church of the Mediator ~ Washington, Georgia
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