Monday, March 25, 2013

Just What I Needed

Melanie with Samson (The Incorrigible)
 …for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.  Matthew 6:8b
 A friend and I practically bumped into each other in the floral department of the grocery store.  We were delighted to see each other and vowed to get together for dinner the following week, although we haven’t been good about getting together in the years since we worked together.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a year—hadn’t met for dinner in two years.  This time, however, we set a date and stuck to it.  At the restaurant, we talked non-stop for an hour and a half catching up on life.   We laughed a lot.  When it was time to say good-bye, we hugged and shed a tear, promising to meet again, sooner next time.  The following day my friend sent me this message—“Seeing you and talking to you last night was just what I needed.  There are no coincidences.  I’m going to remember that.”
When I was getting my teaching degree, finding time to read and study after working all day and raising five young children was quite challenging.  I would stay up late after the kids were in bed, until I could no longer keep my eyes open.  During a particularly difficult time, my friend Irene suggested that she come to our house on Friday night, make dinner for the kids, and bring a movie, and I could go over to her pristine home and study there all by myself.  Ah, the peace and quiet.  Irene had prepared a snack for me at her desk, and set out the tea.  I felt so loved.  God bless her. What a blessing she was to me and my children.  She babysat several times for us.  I hope I said to her—“that was just what I needed”, for indeed, it was.
Years ago I took an eighty year old granddaddy to the hospital where we spent the day with his bride of sixty years.  We made the hour drive to the hospital and stayed the day.  We sat by her side and visited.  I took a walk outside to give them some time alone, and read when they napped.  On the way home, we stopped to eat a sandwich. The elderly gentleman said it was the best hamburger he had ever eaten. He was very pleased to have had the day with his wife. I know he said—“that was just what I needed”.
God is so gracious to us.  He knows exactly what we need.  He supplies our needs in ways we never even imagine…just when we need it most…in His perfect time.  

Although it might be a simple thing, when it’s just what we need, it satisfies our souls like a cup of cold water for a thirsty man. When our need is met perfectly, and we’ve received His peace and love, be assured, God designed and supplied it. Our sovereign all-mighty God is always at work on our behalf.
One of my very favorite things ~ thanks to Eileen DeCamp
I pray that he would give you, according to his glorious riches, strength in your inner being and power through his Spirit.  Ephesians 3:16

God bless you, and may He give you just what you need today. Thank you for visiting Write Moments with God.  Consider leaving a comment below.  I love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Rose,

    This post touched me. Here's my story. When I was recovering from a massive MS attack I was feeling alone...not unloved, just sort of left behind because I couldn't keep up. And, lack of mobility caused weight gain and I felt lumpy and unattractive and just not feeling chosen. I had begun walking and was on my route when I noticed the sky. The sunset was stunning. It looked like God had picked up a golden man-hole cover off the streets of gold and started melting it down. Gold ran down onto the horizon in beautiful rivlets. It took my breath away. Suddenly I felt noticed, seen by God. He put that display in the sky just for me and when I noticed and called attention to it I could feel Him chuckle. I could feel His delight that I had noticed Him. It gave me the emotional boost I needed when I needed it!

    1. Carol, thank you for sharing your story. Yes, God was pleased you saw the beauty He had provided. If we could just remember how very much He loves us. Blessings to you.

  2. Rose, this is SO lovely! And also a reminder that when the Holy Spirit prompts US to be the Giver of that need, that we will re-arrange our own schedules to meet the other's need. It took from your day (your time) to take the gentleman to see his wife in the hospital. But, Oh, the blessing for him and his wife—and for you. Thank you for sharing this awesome reminder! ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Elaine for writing. The Holy Spirit does prompt us--I pray we are sensitive to His touch so we can do those things He wants us to do. I appreciate your encouragement on the blog.

  3. Rose - so well-written, a very touching piece and a reminder that we have all benefited from someone who gave us just the right thing at the right time and that we should do the same for others. These right-thing right-time gifts are a gift from the Giver of all things good - our God.
    Blessings to you - Rose McCormick Brandon of Listening to my Hair Grow

    1. Thank you Rose. I always appreciate when you share your perspective. The "right-thing right-time gifts" are from God. His blessings to you too~from one rose to another.