Monday, July 1, 2013

I Am Satisfied with Jesus

On my cozy deck see my Mother-in-law's tongue plant which was taken from a cutting
of my Aunt Francis' plant.  She passed away in 1985. I consider my plant an heirloom.
The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.  Psalm 34:15

On Friday, Doc Savage came out for the routine maintenance on my heating and air unit.  It reminded me to share this story which I first told you in November.  I hope you enjoy it.

I want to share this story about a kindness the Lord did for me many years ago when I was a recently divorced, struggling single parent.  I needed to make a big purchase.  The heating and air conditioning system for the house had broken beyond repair and I had to purchase a new system.  I had no money and no credit (because I had been a stay at home mom). 

I don't remember how I heard about Doc Savage Heating and Air, but I remember the journey in search of the business. This was before Map quest or gadgets guided the way. It seemed so far away from my home, located in south Augusta, on the other side of town, in unfamiliar neighborhoods.  I felt vulnerable and unsure of myself.
I had prayed for fair treatment, and that the owner would sell me a unit without a down payment, with monthly payments same as cash.  I was unused to making business deals, and I knew the best I could do would be modest monthly payments.  I asked God for His favor. 

While I was driving the twelve miles to the business, an uncommon old hymn that I hadn't heard for years came into my mind.  I sang it over and over with all my heart.  Here are the words.  (I'd like to know if you are familiar with this song.)
Satisfied with Jesus by B.B. McKinney
 I am satisfied with Jesus,
He has done so much for me:
He has suffered to redeem me,
He has died to set me free.

I am satisfied, I am satisfied,
I am satisfied with Jesus,
But the question comes to me,
As I think of Calvary,
Is my Master satisfied with me?

He is with me in my trials,
Best of friends of all is He;
I can always count on Jesus,
Can He always count on me?
I am satisfied, I am satisfied,
I am satisfied with Jesus,
But the question comes to me,
As I think of Calvary,
Is my Master satisfied with me?

I remember driving down the dirt road to the little rustic building.  I entered the quiet shop and introduced myself to the only person I saw.  The receptionist said she would tell Mr. Doc Savage that I was there.  As I stepped aside from the window, I noticed a framed picture on the wall.  It was a page torn from an old hymnal.  The name of the hymn--"I am satisfied".  The very song I sang on the way to the shop.

Along with my astonishment, joy arose in my heart.  Gone were my doubts and fears, and perfect peace and confidence filled my heart.  I did purchase a unit (I've bought a second unit from them and still do business with them.)  The owner kindly gave me monthly payments, same as cash, as if it were the most natural thing for him to do.

God knew this man.  Apparently, we all knew the same song.  And of course, our God knew I'd see that song on the wall of his shop.  God had directed my path, even though I hadn't realized it at the time, and He gave me special confirmation with a song that He was looking out for me.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.  Proverbs 3: 5-6
I am so thankful that He watches out for me, and He cares about the things that concern me.  The everyday moments of my life.  Yes, I am satisfied with Jesus.  I pray He is satisfied with me.

Thank you for visiting Write Moments with God.  I appreciate you and pray that you are blessed by the meditations and stories you will find here.  Please feel free to add your thoughts below.  May God direct all your paths wherever you go.

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  1. Rose ...

    I enjoyed reading this story today as much as when you first posted it. It is nice to be able to "see" examples of God leading people to the right places ... especially a very literal place like your heating and air company! I love the part about the hymn. And, of course, the picture of Amis' mother-in-law tongue plant makes me smile!