Tuesday, August 20, 2013

God's Solution for Let-Me-Tell-You-What-He/She-Did Moments

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Fret not thyself because of evildoers…. Psalm 37:1

My daughter called.  In an exasperated voice, she started the conversation with “let me tell you what he did."   I listened and gave my advice, which amounted to “don’t worry—don’t you fret because of evildoers. God is in control.” 

Now, that would be all well and good if I myself had not just had my own let me tell you what he/she did moment.  Boy, did I feel convicted.  The truth is, we will always have to deal with fiery darts from the evil one.   I don’t think there is any way to totally avoid it.  Direct attacks come to us or we suffer the fall-out as we try to help others deal with someone else's evildoing.  Sometimes it’s to be expected—the saying hurting people hurt others comes to mind--and sometimes it catches us totally off guard from unexpected sources.

Fret not.  This is basically a commandment.  Fret not.  This  should  be our reality.

Webster’s defines fret as “to be peevish, unhappy, or discontented; worry." In Psalm 37, David shares wisdom gleaned from his lifetime of experience walking with God and his experience with evildoers.  In this beautiful Psalm, he tells us three times “fret not…”  He gives comforting explanations and instructs us in a better way to be.

Fret not…
Trust in the Lord
Delight in the Lord
Commit your way to Him
Rest in Him
Cease from anger
Depart from evil
Wait on the Lord

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. Psalm37:37

Such encouragement!  Let our confidence be totally in God and trust Him completely.  
So, the next time you suffer from someone else’s evil deed, and you have a “let me tell you what he/she did” moment, stop and recall David’s words.  And what’s more, Jesus said,

Do not let your hearts be troubled.  John 14:1 (NIV)
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May God bless you and encourage you today with His love and peace.


  1. Dear readers, I'm leaving the first comment so it will be easier for you to see where to put in your comments. I continue to get messages from you all telling me it's hard to leave comments. I do apologize. Maybe if I put the first comment it will help. Peace!

  2. Great reminder of where we should place our focus. I really enjoy the "moments" you share Rose.
    Rebecca Waters

  3. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you for telling me that. It's really encouraging when I hear from readers. Yes, place our focus in Him--high and lifted up!