Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keeping a Divine Perspective on Goals, Earthly Ambitions, aka Our Plans

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Blessed is that servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing. Matthew 24:46 RSV

We've seen articles galore on resolutions and goal setting in the last few weeks. I wrote about resolutions in my devotional journal, God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea.  So, I don’t want to give you more of the same. Instead, I’d like to focus on keeping a divine perspective.

To me, goals sometimes seem more like earthly ambitions. I've had to think about this point. I've concluded:

The important thing is to have a godly perspective on our plans.

How do we do this?

Pray.  Prayer is the first step in the work of goal-setting.  As we talk it all over with God, bringing our plans before His throne of grace, daily, we will get the mind of Christ on the matter. The Holy Spirit within us even helps us pray. 

We can ask God in prayer how each goal affects our relationship with Him first, and then with our loved ones?  Does the goal glorify God?  Ask, does this goal serve a good purpose in my life? in His Kingdom? Prayer will help us achieve the right balance.

We want God’s will for our lives, so we ask “according to thy will”, let it be done.

God has created each of us with talents—our unique gifts and abilities.  We are expected to cultivate those, not bury them (Matthew 25:14-30), and use them to serve God.  Ask, do my goals serve to cultivate my unique talents? Am I using them for God’s glory?

The fruits of our talents should be kept in proper perspective, lest they become worldly or tend toward selfish ambitions (vainglory). In addition to that, it’s wise to do what we can to develop talents in line with goals without breaking our backs or our bank accounts.

The biggest obstacle to achieving goals, from my experience, is self-doubt which translates into fear, causing hindrances and missed opportunities.  However, if we've set our goals in cooperation with God, we know we are in His will. Then, our confidence is in God and we can rely on Him to enable us to do what we need to do.  We’ll have His blessing to pursue our goals, with humility, in full cooperative with Him, to do our unique part in His kingdom work and to finish the task He has given us.

 [Jesus said] I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work which you gave me to do. John 17:4 RSV

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Thank you all for visiting today. God bless you today and always.  God's speed accomplishing your goals.  I appreciate hearing from you, so please share your thoughts below.  


  1. Rose, I loved your book and have shared it with daughter who is a freshman in college. She thinks it's wonderful for her and is enjoying it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Katrina, thanks for telling me. That is good encouraging news. So happy to hear your daughter is reading it. I put so much in there regarding my children and students, young people and older can relate to that.