Saturday, July 7, 2012

FREE Children's Book Give-Away

Sweet three year old granddaughter, Mya, looking at Who is God?
The first Saturday of every month, I would like to review a book and have a free book give-away.  I will be reviewing both children's and adult's books.  See instructions following the book review for how to qualify for the random drawing for a FREE book.
          Today our featured author is Kathleen Ruckman.  I meet Kathy at the Write to Publish Conference in Chicago.  She is such a kind, soft-spoken lady.  She's a good listener, too.  Listening to her own children prompted these stories.  Her words are seasoned with God's grace.  She lives in Oregon with her husband, Tom.  They have four grown children and several grandchildren.

          Kathleen's articles have appeared in many national Christian magazines, including Focus on the Family, and her stories have been published in numerous anthologies.  She's the author of several children's books, including Who is God? and What Will Heaven Be Like?  which I am reviewing.
          Children are full of questions and curiosity, so take them along on this adventure of fun and faith.  Kids ages five to ten join Annie and Adam on their visit to Grandpa's farm, where every starry sky, barnyard animal, and fishing trip leads to opportunities for young ones to discover God as Creator, Provider, and loving Father.
          On this visit to Grandpa's farm, Annie picks wildflowers and Adam catches wiggly, slippery frogs.  Grandpa's dog, Stanley, joins them, too.  Along the way, the children talk to Grandpa about whatever comes to mind. When Annie asks, "What will heaven be like?" and "Who will be in heaven?" Grandpa's answers are simple, honest, and based on biblical truths.

          Both of these stories explore the wisdom of the Bible and the love of Jesus.  These stories are a way to start wonderful conversations with your own children about heaven and God's love.  You will want to read them to your children, because there is so much to discuss in these pages.

          These books are beautifully illustrated by Greg Hardin, who you might recognize as the artist of Veggie Tales.

FREE BOOK GIVE-AWAY--How to qualify for the random drawing to win one of these lovely books.  Here are the 3 easy steps.

1.  Leave a comment on this blog which includes your name and email address. (I'll use that address to contact you for your mailing address IF you win. I'll also ask you which book you'd prefer.)

2.  Share my Facebook wall post referring to his blog on your Facebook wall no later than 11:00 a.m., Friday, July 13th. 

3.  Sign up to become a "follower" of this blog, or save my blog address to your "favorites" list.

Deadline to qualify is 8:00 p.m., Friday, July 13th. 

Thank you for your participation.  The window of opportunity is brief, but go for it.  One of these books would make a lovely gift for any child age 5-10.  

Mya, smiling for the camera.  I bought these books for my grandkids.


  1. What a darling little girl. :-) I love these books. The information is presented in a way that children can understand it and the illus strations are beautiful. Your blog is coming along beautifully!